Road Force

Service Details

At Louisiana Tire & Lift, we’ve invested in the best equipment and the best people to get the job done right. We have the ultimate solution to all your balancing needs. If your car, truck or SUV rides like you’re traveling on a dirt road, bring it by and let our specialists inspect it. Our state-of-the-art Road Force Balancing System takes the guesswork out of solving vibration problems. By using sophisticated algorithms and proven techniques, the Road Force Balancing System results in far superior balancing and a much smoother ride. 

The Road Force Balancing system uses up to 1250 pounds of pressure on your tires and wheels to analyze how they ride under the weight of your vehicle. Computerized sensors calculate irregularities and allow our technicians to make needed adjustments so your car rides like new again. The Road Force balancer is much quicker than traditional balancers and results in a much better balancing job.