Service Details

We offer wheel alignments for cars, SUVs, trucks up to one ton, limos, and dual wheel vehicles. Our alignment technicians can also align your lifted truck, low rider, or even your vintage classic muscle car. Our alignment machine can handle vehicles with wheels up to 32 inches and tires as large as 39 inches tall.

When it comes to wheels, we are happy to discuss the difference between bolt patterns and offsets; and the advantages and disadvantages of choosing steel, aluminum, or alloy wheels.



What type of custom wheels do you want?

Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Light-weight and strong, these wheels improve performance, handling, and gas mileage. They also make your ride look cool and come in a finish that’s right for you.

Custom Steel Wheels

Heavier than aluminum, these wheels are perfect for off-road driving and heavy-duty work. These strong wheels improve vehicle stability and come with finish options.

Custom Wheel Finish

After choosing your wheels, pick a finish. Common options include polished, painted, powder-coated, or chrome-plated finish. Feel free to ask one of our professionals which finish best suits your needs.